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"Wise men don't have incontrovertible principles - they're able to align to people and conditions."
(from China)



My thinking and doing is based on principles, that lead me through my life. They describe my basic orientation and may be used as my measuring criteria.



I'm a down-to-earth worker

I'm not working just for fun - the benefit of the customers and users comes first. Therefore I'm always asking a lot of questions, want to know everything fully detailed and listen very accurately to what the people tell me.



I'm a professional worker

I'm working systematically and methodically: I reduce problems to the basics, from which I can build up models, that I can test against the original problem. The appliance of these models leads to plausible and simple problem solutions. While doing this I always try to not reinvent the warm water but to reuse approaches that have been approved.



I'm a strategic worker

I'm working hard and focused on the needs of my customers, but with priority on topics that bring myself forward on my line and that help me to enhance my experience, because that iteratively improves my service for my customers.