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"A good saying is the truth of a whole book in one single sentence."
(Theodor Fontane)



My favorite saying

"Wer glaubt, dass Geschäftsführer Geschäfte führen,
der glaubt auch, dass Zitronenfalter Zitronen falten."

"Who thinks business managers are managing the business,
also thinks that butterflies are flying butter."
(Well, that's not really the translation, but it also can't really be translated, because it's playing with German words)



My motto

"I once spent all day thinking without eating and all night thinking without sleeping.
It didn't help - it's better to learn instead."

(Konfuzius/Lunyu 15.31)



My professional wisdom

"Those who are young can sell their know-how.
Those who are getting older have to sell their experience."

(I hardly learned this during my self-employment in the 90s.)



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