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"There are only 10 types of humans: those who understand binary and those who don't."
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Qualification Profile

DIN A5 - Update Jan./29/2012

"From long-term and colorful project activities for developing individual software, standard software and embedded systems I have learned how the most expensive errors are made in the early phases of the projects. Often the project managers don't have the management experience from many projects, they can't leave the hands off the technology and they are not open minded for a different approach.

Over the years I have gained the knowledge and experience for successfully gathering and monitoring risks and requirements. This always brings me into the focus of the management of software development projects and also into the reviews of the supporting business processes.

My day-to-day project work, my interest in action models and methods and my open minded collaboration with colleagues helps me in my continuous improvement. It also makes it easier to pass on my knowledge and experience to others. Mainly the company and project related development of a working agile approach right between chaotic work and heavyweight processes is a fascination to me ever and ever again."

You may download my qualification profile >now here< as a PDF file. Also you may send me an >e-mail< with your postal address if you prefer a high quality DIN A5 print.

My profile is in German, since Germans like these papers - international people are more interested in LinkedIn (see my contact).

Since 2012 I'm creating and coaching a Variant Development Process (compliant to ISO 15504.REU and ISO 26550) at a German automotive supplier. I'm supported by a 15 person coaching team that I'm consulting regarding the process. The process is applied by three big electronics departments internationally (incl. India and China).