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"Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forward."
(Sĝren Kierkegaard)





It is always difficult to judge people by what they say about themselves. Usually it helps to have an opinion of a third party; at least when this opinion is based on a long-term relation. In the technical professional world this is usually done by certifications, in the world of consulting and coaching we work with references. For a rather rational distant opinion I asked my customer twice for a reference - and both times they were pleased to do it, though it means an effort of quite some hours.

One reference is from >Emschergenossenschaft<, who are working hard on a project that runs for about 25 years with a budget of 4.4 billion Euro. To support this project I have managed the development of several software systems at the company "Die Software-Architekten GmbH" from 2001 until 2011. In 2008 the central department of multi project management of Emschergenossenschaft has written a two-page-reference for me.

The other reference I received from >Hella<, where I worked in several positions within and for the central department that is responsible for the processes, methods and tools. I created some subprocesses, planned and hosted corresponding workshops and trainings and supported the customer projects for several well known car manufactures. I helped them from 2003 until 2008 and afterwards I received a two-page-reference from them. I'm again working there since mid of 2010 with an effort of three days per week.

These references are printed on business paper of course; they contain some company specific information and are signed personally. Therefore I don't want to publish them here world-wide. But if you're really interested and if you have a certain job to do, of course I would like to hand over personally the high value color DIN A4 print to you - this is what I negotiated with the people who signed the references and this is the purpose they are made for.

(The original references are from German companies but I have translated them to English; the document contains both of them.)



With some companies I'm working together since quite a few years now, with others have come and gone. Some companies don't want to be mentioned at all, because they want to stay as Hidden Champions. They are busy enough with their current business. These companies might be the most interesting ones for many people, but that's the way it goes ;-)

You may click the images to get more information about the companies from the web. But unfortunately not all of them maintain an english website. Of course you will find these companies in the project reference of my qualification profile also, that you may like to download from >this< page.

EG/LV  AOS Augenoptiker Service  Hella 



Partners are important, because one can't do everything on it's own. There are many things that other people and companies can do in a much more professional way, because they have specialized on that particular topic. And some partners have very interesting customers too, where they need some support!

Die Software-Architekten GmbH  Neue DEUTSCHE KONGRESS GmbH  PiA-Consulting