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"You have to turn your company into the most exciting place in the world!"
(Jack Welch)







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This little zoom-animation gives you a quick overview of my activities, my website, my books including my deck of cards, more information about me, and finally about my contact data.

With Prezi one can show the big picture, and you may zoom in and out however you want. One can predefine spots, cuttings and paths, but you may also navigate individually independent from the predefined paths. Of course one can add texts, images and videos, and single elements can be rotated also. It has a lot of amazing functions.

The user interface to view and navigate is really easy for you:

1. Click on the SSE-image at the left or the link below
2. It brings you directly to my overview on the Prezi website
3. There you click on the icon for "Fullscreen" at the top right corner
4. Then click on "Autoplay" and select e.g. 4 seconds

By pressing the key "Esc" on your keyboard you get out of the fullscreen mode at any time. Of course you can navigate manually also and select certain slides; try it out and have fun!