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Sometimes we folks from the PaR Community want to have fun together, a wine or a beer, and good discussions about PaR.
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presenting PaR - Dec.2023 Berlin/Stuttgart

On 04th/05th Bernhard, Martin and me joined at the re:WORK Conference in Berlin and we hold some presentations.
On 07th/08th Martin and me also presented and made a 5hr workshop at the ESE Conference in Sindelfingen (Stuttgart).
So for me it was also a lot of driving (1700 km) and some cosy winter nights in my Tesla.

We had good presentations and discussions about PaR, R4J, platforms, reuse and we also visited some nice Christmas markets having a beer and several Glühwein. I also sold some copies of The Book.

bad start with a crash upfront entering the Autobahn at home  even our newspaper reported about this bad frontal crash  completing the 200.000 km on the way to Berlin  nice Tesla Supercharger in Berlin in Christmas mood  good place to sleep in my Tesla: embassies and zoo ;-)  last alignment on our sessions in the lobby of the conference hotel  Christmas market at the famous Gedächtniskirche  visitng the Tesla Gigafactory close to Berlin, with the new looby  new Tesla Supercharger (V.4) at the Giga and parking lots with hundreds of chargers

Autobahn A9 Berlin-Leipzig without speed limit  Beer and Currywurst with Martin at Chtistmas market in Sindelfingen  Martin presenting in the grand hall  Fresh air at lunch time in nice sunny weather  decent dinner downtown  special Glühwein at the Christmas market  this is not ending well ;-)  presenting and discussing PaR, reuse, platforms, variability  more discussions in the agile way  driving home for Christmas - with my Tesla already in Christmas mood :-)


relaxing PaR - Sep.2023 Stockholm, Sweden

This was not a PaR Community Gathering, but I absolutely enjoyed the Agile Coaching Retreat from Scrum Alliance in Stockholm, Sweden, from Fr.01st to Su.03rd with more then 50 experts from all over Europe, from USA, and more. I continued discussing the coaching approach for helping executives to understand and support paradigm shifts, like Scrum or PaR. We started to discuss that last year in Lisbon. Now we analyzed typical personas of executives, leaders, and managers. This helps to figure out how to approach them to get their attention. Based on these discussions I will further improve my description in The Book in chapter 8.4 on p.110.

Also, driving 3600 km through northern Germany, Denmark and up the south east of Sweden, then crossing over to the west coast close to Oslo, going down the western coastline and finally returning back through Denmark was a lovely road-trip. Yes, I did it with my Tesla Model S again, charging for free and also sleeping in that car mostly for free. It's not just cheap and eco friendly, but with A/C over night convenient as well.

passing Hamburg  The Great Belt in Denmark  Sleeping in the harbor of Kopenhagen  Sleeping in a bit long  The famous little mermaid  Passing the Öresund by tunnel ...  ... and passing the Öresund by bridge  In the middle of nowhere in Sweden  nordic by nature

Sleeping in front of the university of Stockholm  Swimming cocktail bar  Visiting the Vasa museum  Our conference location  international meeting  Our boat trip to the Stockholm archipelago  The result of my Open Space slot  Downtown with the new friends

All of us  Picasso was here (in Kristinehamm)  Somewhere at Bengtsfors  Sleeping in the harbor of Strömstad  Little Earth is taking the night watch ;-)  Ice age coast of Skagerrak  Lots of rocks at Smögen  Crossing bridges again


mastering PaR - May.2023 Mosel

On Fr.26th we walked the rope bridge Geierlay close to the river Mosel in Germany. It is 100m high, 360m wide and weighs more than 50tons. Thanks to Martin we had enough good Mosel white wine for our 8km hiking. For our review of Thomas' Master Thesis about PaR we enjoyed a decent local dinner.

On Sa.27th after sleeping in our cars again we crossed the river Mosel to walk up to one of the most famous German castles: Burg Eltz. It was shown on the back of our 500 DM banknote for many years (before EUR). Since it is still owned privately it's not allowed to publish photos, but we took really nice ones. Please visit the >Burg Eltz< website for the castle and >Wikipedia< for the history of German money.

CHARGE my Tesla at Supercharger Pfalzfeld  wind energy for my Tesla ;-)  first view to the Geierlay bridge  hiking underneath the Geierlay bridge  The plan - or is it just a map? ;-)  white wine at the Geierlay bridge  the Geierlay bridge: 360m wide, 100m high  the river Mosel at Treis

reviewing the Master Thesis, planning congresses  decent dinner: french pizza ;-)  Camp Mode in my Tesla  1st class accomodation in my Tesla Model S with Dreamcase  crossing the river Mosel  making new frens: Alpacas  visiting castle Burg Eltz of the 500 DM banknote  charging at the new Supercharger Solingen, an unusual setup


communicative PaR - Nov/Dec.2022 Berlin/Stuttgart

On Mo.28th Bernhard, Martin, me and about 200 others joined at the re:WORK Conference in Berlin.
On Fr.09th Martin, me and about 45 others made a 5hr workshop at the ESE Conference in Sindelfingen/Stuttgart.
We met members of the PaR community, and we also met new people being interested in joining in.

We had good presentations and discussions about PaR, R4J, platforms, reuse as described in The Book in chapter 9.2.7 on p.132, and we also visited some nice Christmas markets having a beer and a Glühwein (or two of them).

driving constantly 150 to Berlin on Sunday evening  small nice Christmas market close to the Maritim hotel  meeting Martin having some beers/Glühwein  sleeping in my Tesla with view of Reichstag  nice bright Monday morning  Bernhard (ease solutions) talking about R4J at re:WORK  re:WORK exhibition and lunch

Martin discussing about reuse at re:WORK  leaving Berlin  sleeping in my Tesla beneath the stars of Sindelfingen ;-)  frosty night outside, comfy 21C inside  Martin preparing the 5hr workshop at ESE  Martin in action at the 5hr workshop at ESE  sleeping in my Tesla behind the castle of Heidelberg  Christmas market of Heidelberg  small dinner in my comfy Tesla Dreamcase bed


eruptive PaR - Oct.2022 Andernach

On Fr.21st we visited Schloss Drachenburg, Drachenfels itself and had dinner at Laacher lake.
On Sa.22nd we visited the geyser center Andernach, the geyser Namedy itself and the Vulkan brewery.

We had good discussions about applying PaR in tools, mainly by the features described in The Book in chapter 9.2.1 on p.116. Thomas and I decided to apply PaR to PTC Codebeamer next which offers a kind of variability management by branching and merging requirements.

Castle Schloss Drachenburg  View to Rhine with Bonn and Cologne in the background  The castle's cafe  View to Rhine from Drachenfels  The oldest cog railway of Germany  Applying PaR in tools, also for standards  Sleeping in the cars after having some beers

Good morning at volcanic Eifel  Exploring the geyser center of Andernach  Going down the river Rhine to the geyser  The geyser Namedy - with 60m the highest cold water geyser of the world  Watching the CO2 till the end  Going back having a local white wine aboard  Having a good time  Volcanic strong beer tasting like Whisky  Supercharging on my way home


sunny PaR - Jun.2022 Lisbon, Portugal

Actually this was not a PaR Community Gathering, but I absolutely enjoyed the Agile Coaching Retreat from Scrum Alliance in Sintra (Lisbon, Portugal, Fr.24th-Su.26th) with about 60 experts from Costa Rica, Brazil, USA, Australia and more. Mainly with Lisa Dawson, Ana Sofia Noivo, and Alexander Kylburg I worked out a coaching decision tree for helping executives to understand and support agile approaches. I gave key input to this approach and adopted and adapted the result for PaR to help executives to understand and support PaR in their company. It is now described in The Book in chapter 8.4 on p.110.

Also, driving 3000 km to Portugal via Belgium, France and Spain and then 3000 km back via Spain, France and Luxembourg with my Tesla Model S was great fun. And also sleeping in that car with my Dreamcase was a real pleasure again - and with A/C over night convenient as well.

Driving to Lisbon via Paris  Sleeping in France at the highest Dune of Europe  Searching for dragons from Game of Thrones at Bilbao  enjoying the beaches in Asturia, Spain  Falling in love with Ribadesella in Asturia, Spain  Barro at Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain  Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte, Braga, Portugal, pouring with rain  Fatima, Portugal  in good company ;-)

Pestana Sintra Golf Hotel  Get together and defining the agenda  Working in our team on the approach  Approach: help me to help you  Summarizing our approach  Team drone shot  Visiting Azenhas do Mar

Roman bridge in Merida, Extremadura, Spain  Directly charging from the sun between Madrid and Saragossa  Monestir de Montserrat with a Black Madonna  Gaudi's Temple de la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona  Game of Thrones in Girona  Good night, Saint-Flour, France  Wine at Beaune, France


international PaR - Apr.2022 Schengen

On Fr.29th we had a walk at the loop of river Saar in Germany and later had a good wine tasting in Schengen in Luxemburg.
On Sa.30th after a decent breakfast we visited Chateau des Ducs de Lorraine in France.

We had good ideas for process platforms and reuse and uniting process and product families. Martin and I decided to describe this in more detail in The Book, which is now chapter 6.3 on p.90.

Fastest charging ever, at Nürburgring ;-)  Walking above the trees at the loop of the river Saar  Climbing up that fancy construction  Having a good look down to the famous loop of the river Saar in Germany  Walking along the river Saar  Having a break :-)  Domaine Henri Ruppert above Schengen in Luxemburg  Looking over wine and Mosel to Germany

Uniting process and product platforms for a holistic component model  Tasting wine and taking home 24 bottles  Martin taking a photo of Ralf taking a selfie at Schengen Monument  Sleeping in the wild in Germany  Having a decent German breakfast  At Chateau des Ducs de Lorraine in France  Looking over the river Mosel in France  At radio telescope Effelsberg on my way home


white PaR - Sep.2021 Weinstraße

On Fr.10th we had a workshop at Fraunhofer IESE and a decent dinner in Neustadt an der Weinstraße.
On Sa.11th we visited Hambacher castle, Rietburg and had a perfect white wine tasting at Graf von Weyher.

We discussed tailoring PaR and found variability management options for processes to build project specific variants. I finally derived a variant and described it in The Book in chapter 4.7 on p.44.

Visiting Neustadt an der Weinstraße  Looking for a good place  Found a good place  Decent local dinner  Having a good sleep after a long day  Sleeping a bit into the day ;-)  Visiting historic democratic Hambacher Schloss

Martin thinking hard about PaR  Corona setup at Fraunhofer IESE  Well, wine of course ;-)  Looking down from Rietburg seeing a lot of wine  Drink what you see :-)  Better taking the chairlift down ;-)  A perfect wine location  Uhhh - tasting with the boss himself bringing more  Charging the car after charging us :-)


pandemic PaR - Jul.2021 Roadtrip

From 15th to 17th I made a roadtrip through Germany because gathering was not possible due to the Covid19 pandemic.
I met Bernhard in Rosenheim, Sylwia in Regensburg, Fabian in Bamberg, and Jürgen in Fulda.

We discussed ongoing projects and corporate situations during the Covid19 pandemic, working with PaR remotely. This was also leading to the team definitions that are now described in The Book in chapter 7.2 on p.96.

Heading south  Preparing to sleep in Wasserburg am Inn  First time sleeping in my Tesla  Relaxing in Wasserburg am Inn  Stopover at castle Trausnitz in Landshut  Lunch in Landshut in Bavaria

Heading to Regensburg to meet Sylwia  Heading to Regensburg to meet Sylwia  Relaxing in Regensburg at the oldest bridge of Germany from 1135  Lucky that the south of Germany is not flooded (home photo)!  Sleeping at a camp ground in Regensburg  Heading to Fulda to meet Jürgen