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"First, don't be afraid. ... Second, do what you think is right. ... Finally, build a community. No one does big things by themselves."
  >President Obama, 18.May.2020<


Tidbits TOC

  >PaR< Processes as Requirements (PaR) - also see >https://ProcessesasRequirements.info<

Did your processes become a heavyweight backpack to be carried by the projects, instead of a lightweight intrinsic approach that really helps the projects? It gets better when processes are designed as requirements that are reused in the projects. And this automatically also suggests establishing process platforms for product platforms.

  >Process Reuse< A Process should be Reuse of Best Practices

In many engineering companies the processes are being considered as too much paperwork or even project cost overhead. The engineering processes should be an expert guide for the engineering projects. Reflecting the past projects' experience into the processes may be a good idea.

  >Self-Organized< Controlled vs. Self-Organized

When in a technical development organization the existing processes get heavyweight and complex, then replace them by basic efficient rules for individual responsibility, like replacing a technically overloaded intersection with a simple roundabout.

  >Agile Organization< Every Agile Organization has a Non-Agile Environment

An agile project team might act in a non-agile department, an agile department might be organized within a non-agile company, an agile company might serve a non-agile customer, ... and this works well when the agile organization learns to act at the border to its non-agile environment.

  >Variability Management< Reduce Product Portfolio Problems with Variability Management

When one product succeeds, the idea for a variant quickly comes up, and soon a new product family starts scaling. This is good, but often struggles when it comes to bug fixing or feature dependencies. A solution approach can be found in variability management.

  >Driving a real EV< What happens when you drive an EV?

Everyone thinks they know what it means to own an EV (electric vehicle). I also thought I know everything about it, because I did a lot of research before I bought my Tesla Model S. Then I learned something new almost every week.