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  Name: Ralf Bürger
  E-Mail: RalfBuergerProcessesAsRequirementsinfo

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  Website: https:RalfBuergerde
  Phone: +491722000771
  Address: Wilhelmstr 24
45527 Hattingen
Germany (Europe)


I created PaR, I still do so and I will keep going until it is fully done.
Therefore, I invest at least the decade 2020-2030 on it, which in fact are my personal 60's.
My purchasable goods and services are available via the page >Purchasable<, the community page >About us< and the page >The Education<, the rest ist for free
(under CC BY-SA 4.0 license).

  my bookshelf



This is my new video meeting background for 2023. The banner on the left is 183 cm by 122 cm and I will pitch it up also at conferences, congresses and trainings. It shows the key idea of PaR to describe the how as requirements like we do it with the what since ages. This banner also shows a very reduced PaRis with the project highlighted in orange in the middle. In fact this is a further reduced Platform Splash. By the way: This banner is available as glossy postcard also. It is my new oversized business card - that's quite an eye catcher in fact.

On the right side is my new roll-up banner that I can easily and quickly setup at conferences, congresses and trainings. It mainly shows the Detailed PaRis and is good for discussing in front of it with people that are already a bit more familiar with PaR.

  my 2023 office background
  my 2023 office background



This is my 2021 office setup with the new iMac, the new 4k sidecar monitor for video sessions and my Mishu chair for ergonomic sitting. In the background you see the old Thunderbolt monitor for even more ergonomic standup working, beside of a project laptop from a customer, because in 2021 I started to help companies applying PaR in projects - or at least the idea behind.

And finally there are my important helpers: the Mitsubishi aircon at the top of the photo and still the Espresso machine (not visible on this photo but on the older one below). And of course I still drive my Tesla (and I will forever do so).

  my 2021 office setup 



This is my office setup end of 2019 after quitting all jobs for doing PaR, with my Apple MacBook Pro, my Thunderbolt monitor, later for Corona #StayAtHome pimped with a RØDE micro, a StreamCam and a Soft Light.

To be honest: the most important gadgets are the Espresso machine in the background that I added end of 2019, and of course my beloved 2015 Tesla Model S85D that I took over in March 2019 (see the photo above from a drive-in cinema in Corona-2020). This car brings me economically and ecologically to Martin in Kaiserslautern, Bernhard in Munich, to project customers anywhere or to conferences from Berlin to Lisbon. And yes - I sleep in that car while traveling (right photo above with the Dreamcase and Blidimax).

  my 2019 office setup 



Find more about me on my personal website, also a short personal profile in German and English (see URL above).
All photos can be enlarged by simply clicking them.

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