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  Name: Ralf Bürger
  E-Mail: RalfBuergerProcessesAsRequirementsinfo

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  Website: https:RalfBuergerde
  Phone: +491722000771
  Address: Wilhelmstr 24
45527 Hattingen
Germany (Europe)
  Domains: ProcessesAsRequirements
info com org net de
info de
de info com org net

All white TLDs (>Top-level domain<) use http-redirect (not frame forwarding) to the orange TLDs of the same block. The orange TLDs are SSL secured; therefore, if needed at all, use http:// for the white TLDs, and https:// for the orange TLDs. The redirect from the white TLDs to the orange TLDs is automatically secured by SSL.
Uppercase letters are shown for better readability only, technically uppercase doesn't matter at all for domain names.
All domains share the same space "SSE_WebSite".
The .info TLD is also used for email addresses in the context of PaR (e.g. my one, see above).
All domains are registered by me, also to prevent that others register them for different purposes.
The TLD .info originally was created 2001 for information.
The TLD .com originally was created 1985 for USA commercial sites.
The TLD .org originally was created 1985 for non-commercial organizations.
The TLD .net originally was created 1985 for networks, mainly technical networks, i.e. internet service provider.
The ccTLD .de was created for domains in Germany (Deutschland) and is managed by DENIC since 1997.

  me: I created PaR and I still do so. The assets and services that I provide for PaR are available from the community page >About us< or from >How to buy<. Here you see me on StreamCam for the first time. You also see my home office setup here, with my new RØDE micro, my new StreamCam and my new Soft Light (all installed during Corona crises #StayAtHome). And then you see my newer home office setup here with the new iMac, containing all for a clean desk. And from "The Brain" screenshot you can see how I plan and manage the PaR development. Find more about me on my personal website, also a short personal profile in German and English (see URL above).
me on StreamCam for the first time  my new home office setup  my newer home office setup  The Brain for PaR planning