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"First, don't be afraid. ...
Second, do what you think is right. ...
Finally, build a community.
No one does big things by themselves."

(President Obama, 18.May.2020)


  If you want to join the PaR community:

  • Read the Code of Conduct as shown below.
  • Attend the Monthly event each 15th at >4pm (16:00)<.
  • Join in with Microsoft Teams to watch and discuss.
  • Join in with miro to participate more actively (ask Ralf for the password).
  • Join 30 min earlier for an introduction to PaR and/or miro.
  • Find next date and links on the >homepage<.

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   Code of Conduct
  • We work together in this community to learn more about PaR, improve PaR, make PaR more useful, and bring or take PaR into the development projects.
  • We clearly understand that we all are professionals, and that one may join in just to make money with PaR in the markets out there.
  • We do not primarily join to make business within this community, although this may happen as a consequence.
  • We are aware of maybe existing business relationships within this community, and any resulting conflicts of interest are openly discussed and resolved together.
  • We commonly protect and support the established business areas and partners from this community (see sections below), but are open to change.
  • We respect and agree to the Creative Commons license1 for PaR2.

        1 see CC BY-SA 4.0 license, as described and referenced on the page "Impressum / Legal" in German and English
        2 "The Mug" (as it is), "The Booklet" (as published with ISBN) and "The Book" (as published with ISBN) are offered for sale exclusively by Ralf due to production costs and legal constraints.


  Wenn du an der PaR community teilhaben möchtest:

  • Lies den unten stehenden Verhaltenskodex.
  • Komm zur monatlichen Veranstaltung an jedem 15. um >16:00<.
  • Nimm mit Microsoft Teams teil, um zu schauen und zu diskutieren.
  • Nimm mit miro teil, wenn du dich aktiver einbringen möchtest (frage Ralf nach dem Kennwort).
  • Komm 30 Minuten eher für eine Einführung in PaR und/oder miro.
  • Finde das nächste Datum und die Links auf der >Homepage<.

miro board with video
>Link zum Board<
  • Wir arbeiten in dieser Community, um mehr über PaR zu erfahren, PaR zu verbessern, nützlicher zu machen und in Projekte einzubringen.
  • Wir verstehen klar, dass wir alle Profis sind und dass sich mancher auch einfach nur anschließt, um mit PaR auf den Märkten da draußen Geld zu verdienen.
  • Wir schließen uns nicht in erster Linie an, um innerhalb dieser Community Geschäfte zu machen, obwohl sich auch dies als Folge ergeben kann.
  • Wir sind uns bestehender Geschäftsbeziehungen innerhalb dieser Community bewusst und Interessenkonflikte werden offen diskutiert und gemeinsam gelöst.
  • Wir schützen und unterstützen etablierte Geschäftsbereiche und Partner dieser Community (siehe Abschnitte unten), bleiben jedoch offen für Veränderungen.
  • Wir respektieren die Creative-Commons-Lizenz1 für PaR2 und stimmen ihr zu.

        1 siehe CC BY-SA 4.0 Lizenz, wie auf der Seite "Impressum / Legal" auf Deutsch und Englisch beschrieben und referenziert
        2 "The Mug" (die Tasse, so wie sie ist), "The Booklet" (das Englische Heft, so wie mit ISBN publiziert) und "The Book" (das Buch, so wie mit ISBN publiziert)
           werden exklusiv von Ralf angeboten, weil damit Produktionskosten und rechtliche Einschränkungen verbunden sind.

Established business areas
General aspects
  Analysis sessions 
e.g. corporate potential-analysis on site 
Fraunhofer IESE (Martin Becker) 
  Requirements sets 
e.g. automotive cybersecurity in Jama Connect 
KoDeCs (Sascha Kobus) 
Tool implementations (see page Downloads also)
  Jama Connect™ 
KoDeCs (Frank Zielke) 
  Jira© with R4J 
ease solutions (Bernhard Doleschel) 
Fraunhofer IESE (Martin Becker) 
KoDeCs (Sascha Kobus) 
the helping hand 
KoDeCs (Sascha Kobus) 
Fraunhofer IESE (Martin Becker) 
SSE (Ralf Bürger) 
e.g. on conferences or exhibitions 
Fraunhofer IESE (Martin Becker) 
SSE (Ralf Bürger) 
  Training - open water
begin here to experience PaR, learn to implement and apply it 
SSE (Ralf Bürger) 
  Training - dive deeper
challenge your organization, learn to improve the corporate culture 
SSE (Ralf Bürger) 
  Training - dive-master
become a trainer, learn to mentor and motivate others 
SSE (Ralf Bürger) 

PaR business partners

Some companies or people of the PaR Community specialized in offering assets or professional services in the context of PaR, based on the Code of Conduct and according to the table above. We list them here in historical order from early to new.



>Ralf Bürger< is the original mind behind PaR. Ralf is self-employed, legally as freelancer. SSE means "Systematic Software Engineering" and says what Ralf does, also beyond PaR.

In the context of PaR you may book Ralf for consulting, conferences and for trainings. Certifications are not yet planned, but may be the consequence of the trainings one day.



>KoDeCs GmbH< is a powerful and networked team for developing embedded systems in vehicle industries, for OEMs as well as for suppliers.

In the context of PaR you can buy ready-to-use requirements sets for regulatory standards (e.g. ISO 26262, ISO 21434, ASPICE) from KoDeCs and you can book them for support in implementing corporate development processes.

KoDeCs also is expert for the JAMA and PTC toolsets and can support applying them for PaR.

  Fraunhofer IESE

>Fraunhofer IESE< (Institute for Experimental Software Engineering) is one of 74 institutes and research facilities of the Fraunhofer society. Together they play a key role in shaping applied research in Europe and contribute to Germany's international competitiveness.

In the context of PaR Fraunhofer IESE can be booked to determine the capability of companies for applying PaR. This usually is a 3-5 day onsite analysis session, together with project teams, process experts and tool configurators.

Fraunhofer IESE also is expert for the Polarion toolset and can support applying it for PaR. Max Schmitt from Fraunhofer IESE also supported creating the content of the booklet "PaR - for Polarion" (see page Downloads).

Disclaimer: Fraunhofer IESE is not the publisher of this web page and not liable for any content.


ease solutions

>ease solutions< is Atlassian Solution Partner and offers also R4J (Requirements Management for Jira) and other Jira add-ons.

In the context of PaR "ease solutions" can be booked for implementing PaR in Jira with R4J.