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PaR - Processes as Requirements

methodical framework

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Did your processes become a heavyweight project backpack?
And not a lightweight intrinsic helping approach?

It gets better when processes are designed as requirements.
These requirements can be reused and improved by the projects.
They also can be linked to regulatory or legal requirements.
And they can be united with product requirements for platforms.

>PaRamount< - simple explanation (from the introduction chapter of The Book)
>PaRade< - 5 challenges and potential solutions with PaR
>PaRis< - PaR information system (graphical overview of the words)

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Next: Wed. June 15th 2022 4pm CEST
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Recent Changes and News

  • The next PaR Monthly community event will be on Wednesday 15th of June - feel free to join because it is free ;-)
  • Thanks to Martin I will present PaR on the event "Agile PEP 2022" on 28th of November 2022, focusing on becoming agile with processes.
  • The PaR Monthly community event was on a Sunday (15th) - therefore I only sent short notice on LinkedIn on Friday afternoon.
  • Well, 144 persons saw it, but nobody joined in. But we also had nice weather and it was election day. Fair enough!
  • I met Martin from Fraunhofer IESE personally in Schengen to prepare for ESE 2022 conference.
  • We also prepared a master's thesis for someone - based on PaR.
  • We skip the April Monthly community event, because the 15th is Easter Good Friday.
  • I will be at the Scrum Alliance Agile Coaching Retreat in Lisbon (Portugal) 24.-26.June.2022.
  • Advertising the March Community Monthly session on LinkedIn and XING.
  • The homepage now shows the next Monthly with the corresponding links.
  • I further improved the page "About us" from the last Monthtly.
  • Based on the feedback from the invitations for the Monthly, I renamed this page here from "Introduction" to "Welcome" and further simplified it.
  • The presentation held at ESE is now available from the PaR YouTube Channel (see page "The Videos"). It is a German studio pre-recording (not live from the conference).
  • While establishing the Monthly PaR event I hear the question what the idea behind the PaR Community is. Therefore, I have added this question to the FAQ page.
  • The page "About us" is updated for the new monthly community session and the invitation email is referencing it; if you want to join, then just let me know.
  • The tool booklet "PaR - for Polarion" is now available for download from the "Downloads" page for free - thanks to Martin Becker and Max Schmitt from Fraunhofer IESE.
  • The presentations held at ReConf (English only) and ESE (English and German) are available for Download now - enjoy!
  • "The Presentations" and "The Videos" are now separate pages which makes sense because not every set of slides will be shown as video and not every video will show slides.
  • We are planning a revival of the PaR community session, on a monthly base, every 15th, with many interesting people in the style of a Lean Coffee session in Miro.
  • The former weekly community session now is reduced to an inner circle of the few really active people: Martin Becker, Bernhard Doleschel and me.
  • Friendly reminder: If you want a current PDF of my draft of The Book, then just tell me!
  • I got some reactions from the REConf, re:work and ESE conferences in fact. Interesting people from interesting companies. Do the digital conferences still make sense after all?
  • Another "PaRdemic" year - with PaR and the Corona Omikron pandemic, or with PaR becoming pandemic ;-)


>History< of all changes and news.