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  key issue: Team organization with PaR
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Did your processes become a heavyweight project backpack?
And not a lightweight intrinsic helping approach?

It gets better when processes are designed as requirements.
These requirements can be reused and improved by the projects.
They also can be linked to regulatory standards as requirements.
And to product requirements if platforms in product families.

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>PaRamount< - simple explanation (from the introduction chapter of The Book)
>PaRade< - 5 challenges and potential solutions with PaR
>PaRis< - PaR information system (graphical overview of the words)

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PaR - The Booklet    PaR - for Jira with R4J    PaR - The Insert    PaR - The Page


Changes and News

  • The next PaR Monthly will be on Th 15th Dec 4pm and I suggest to talk about team organization for regulations, processes and projects with PaR.
  • Next event is the ESE conference in Sindelfingen (Stuttgart, Germany). I will support Martin from Fraunhofer IESE in a 5hr-workshop about efficient reuse.
  • The conference "re:work" in Berlin was just great: interesting discussions, good contacts, nice people and back to real life: ><.
  • Upgrade: Instead of "Agile PEP" I will now speak at the parallel main conference "re:work" on Mo 28th Nov 2:45pm-3:15pm. I'm looking forward to see you irl.
  • Announcement: I will co-host Martin Becker from Fraunhofer IESE in a 5hr-workshop on the ESE congress about increasing reuse efficiency. I'm looking forward to see you irl also here.
  • The Nov PaR Monthly was about R4J in Jira and Bernhard Doleschel from Ease Solutions invited their round table guests. I presented PaR and it was welcomed as good R4J example also.
  • It was a great small and nice PaR Gathering again. I now created a page to collect memories from our >gatherings<.
  • Looking forward to meet you guys live in Andernach on 21/22 Oct
  • Now that the 3 core tool booklets (Jira, Polarion, Jama) are done, I ordered them in professional high quality print, 3 prints each. If you're interested in getting one - just let me know!
  • We want to keep the topic for the next Monthly also: "PaR with R4J (Jira)", because seeing PaR hands-on is clarifying a lot.
  • 16th: Right after introducing the new tool booklet in the Monthly I did several improvements and uploaded the update. Feel free to download and check - feedback welcome.
  • 14th: Just in time before the next Monthly tomorrow I finished the PaR - for Jira with R4J! It is available now for download, also from this welcome-page as 2nd favorite.
  • The prints of The Book in matt as well as the fully glossy A4 print look awesome! These will be my default configurations for all future prints as product or showcase!
  • I ordered 3 prints of The Book in matt hardcover and matt pages, for Thomas, Martin and me. For the first time I also ordered a fully glossy A4 print (kind of luxury edition).
  • Now The Book has got headlines, showing the level 1 chapter number and book title, while the footlines still show the URL and the page number.
  • The imprint (page 1) got small formal changes, as well as the last page (the more-page, now for tools R4J, Polarion and Jama).
  • I improved the chapter for the big V. I think I have to shift the tailoring chapter behind this one or before the platform stuff at all (to combine platform and big V).
  • The page "About us" needed some further improvement and shows some faces now, to further detail the picture on the Welcome-page (which is now linked also).
  • If you want a PDF of the draft of The Book (or an update of that PDF) just give me a hint and I will deliver!
  • Working on chapter 5.6 for tailoring PaRis; while Scrum Guide says that you have to implement everything of the Guide to call it Scrum I'm much more agile with PaR.
  • 353 impressions and 5 reactions on my LinkedIn posting for the Monthly. That truly is a good improvement, for PaR itself and for our community - thanks to all!
  • Focusing the core topic of the Sep. PaR Monthly on applying a development process to create something that supports a business process - that's reuse and traceability.
  • Since more than a year I'm applying PaR in a project to create a big data platform that supports the German standard processes for critical infrastructural systems.
  • It takes time to establish PaR in a company, as every paradigm shift does. It is essential to understand the steps of change and the coaching approaches to introduce PaR.
  • Working on chapter 4.6 of The Book: "Making the process design becoming a part of the process".
  • Good news: I plan to publish the 1st edition of "The Book" in winter, maybe already at the end of the year. It will not be fully done, but it's a good 1st iteration.
  • Bad news: I was waitlisted for the ESE conference, but now I'm off completely, why ever. Last year I got good feedback and this year I wanted to go beyond - but well, they don't want.
  • By the way: I updated the page "About me" with text and photos.
  • The core topic of the Aug. PaR Monthly was how to design a process that selects and tailors further processes for a project, also with kind of process platform like product platforms.
  • Further preparing the master thesis of Thomas with him and Martin from IESE in the context of PaR, related to automotive functional safety and cyber security regulatory standards.
  • In the PaR Monthly we discussed how to introduce PaR in companies and how to help managers to understand and support it.
  • The next PaR Monthly community event will be on Friday 15th of July.
  • I absolutely enjoyed the Agile Coaching Retreat from Scrum Alliance in Sintra (Lisbon, Portugal) with about 60 experts from Costa Rica, Brazil, USA, Australia and more.
  • Mainly with Lisa Dawson and Alexander Kylburg I worked out a coaching decision tree for helping executives (managers, leaders) to understand and support agile approaches.
  • This decision tree will become a standard Scrum Alliance tool and I will adopt it for PaR to help executives to understand and support PaR in their company.
  • Also, driving 3000 km to Lisbon and 3000 km back with my Tesla Model S and also sleeping in that car with my Dreamcase was a real pleasure - and with A/C convenient as well.
  • Hold mouse for title and then click to enlarge:
    Pestana Sintra Golf Resort  Defining the agenda  Working in groups  The result of my group  Well, Paris  Game of Thrones, Dragon Stone, Bilbao  Azenhas do Mar, Portugal  Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, Barcelona  Staying at a beach in Asturia  Fastest bed ever, here in Saint-Flour, France 
  • The next PaR Monthly community event will be on Wednesday 15th of June - feel free to join because it is free ;-)
  • Thanks to Martin I will present PaR on the event "Agile PEP 2022" on 28th of November 2022, focusing on becoming agile with processes.
  • Looking forward to be in Sintra (Lisbon, Portugal) 24th-26th this month.
  • The PaR Monthly community event was on a Sunday (15th) - therefore I only sent short notice on LinkedIn on Friday afternoon.
  • Well, 144 persons saw it, but nobody joined in. But we also had nice weather and it was election day. Fair enough!
  • I met Martin from Fraunhofer IESE personally in Schengen to prepare for ESE 2022 conference.
  • We also prepared a master's thesis for someone - based on PaR.
  • We skip the April Monthly community event, because the 15th is Easter Good Friday.
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