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  PaR SWOT - risks and chances
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Did your processes become a heavyweight project backpack?
And not a lightweight intrinsic helping approach?

It gets better when processes are designed as requirements.
These requirements can be reused and improved by the projects.
They also can be linked to regulatory standards as requirements.
And to product requirements as platforms in product families.

PaR - The Book  

>PaRamount< - simple explanation (from the introduction chapter of The Book)
>PaRade< - 5 challenges and potential solutions with PaR
>PaRis< - PaR information system (graphical overview of the words)

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PaR - The Booklet    PaR - Das Heft    PaR - for Jira with R4J    PaR - The Page


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News and Updates

  • The next Monthly (Oct) will be on a Sunday - good for those who can't attend from the office. Because it will be other attendees I will repeat the SWOT (risks/chances) topic.
  • I joined the Scrum Alliance Agile Coaching Retreat in Stockholm, Sweden, and I never got so many good contacts in such a short time, like making friends - see Gatherings!
  • We also further improved the approach of coaching executives for paradigm shifts. This time we discussed the personas to simplify approaching those guys.
  • Based on these discussions I will further improve my description in The Book in chapter 8.4 on p.110.
  • I'm now officially booked to speak at the re:WORK conference in Berlin on Mo.04.Dec.2023. So on Wednesday I can travel from Berlin to the ESE in Sindelfingen.
  • I will travel to Stockholm with my electric car, eco friendly, like I did with Lissabon last year. You may meet me on the road from 30.Aug until 07.Sep.
  • Early bird for the PaR Workshop until 15.Aug.: 150 EUR
  • Meet me at the next Agile Coaching Retreat of Scrum Alliance in Stockholm on 1st-3rd September 2023. Let's discuss about coaching teams on agile process design with PaR.
  • The next monthly will be on 15th of August about a PaR SWOT analysis - and all your other topics of course.
  • PaR - The Book is now available from >Amazon<; up to now it was only listed.
  • In December I will speak at ESE congress in Sindelfingen/Germany - it's official now. And the date is fixed: 07.Dec. 3:35pm - 4:15pm
  • Follow me on LindedIn to see regular updates and information for PaR also.
  • The Monthly is on a Saturday - good for those who can't attend from the office. Therefore, we want to repeat the topic for reusing requirements sets from process and product platforms.
  • With "add to calendar" you can easily add the Monthly sessions until June 2024 to you calendar with a standard ical (.ics) file (ZOOM link already included).
  • I had good discussions and at the end an even better common sense how to apply PaR at a German automotive OEM, but due to the NDA I can't say more - again :-(
  • The ZOOM sessions work much better then the Microsoft Teams sessions, so we will keep it. I can also share my Miro PaR board within ZOOM, as we did with Microsoft Teams.
  • From now on we will do the Monthly PaR Community session with ZOOM instead of Microsoft Teams; it works better on Apple, it can be easier added to the calendar, it scales better.
  • Again we had a really good time at the PaR Gathering at the Mosel with hiking, sightseeing and white wine, just as it was already planned since March; see the >Gatherings<.
  • Due to the good feedback we will repeat the topic at the next PaR Monthly on Th 15th June: reusing, using, copying, adopting requirements sets from process and product platforms.
  • The next PaR Monthly on Mo 15th May will discuss about reusing or using or copying or adopting requirements sets from a process platform and from a product platform in a project.
  • The Deck got more slides (30 instead of 22) and some existing slides have been enhanced. This is good improvement from conferences and customer presentations. See "Downloadable".
  • Looks like another large automotive company is going to apply PaR. We're currently in discussions how which regulations and standards shall be covered in a new process.
  • The Book is now available in bookstores on- and offline (e.g. Lehmanns). Just Amazon is struggling again with external hardcover prints.
  • I'm planning to speak about PaR at the next ESE (4.-8.Dec.2023 in Sindelfingen) and the next re:WORK (3.-5.Dec.2023 in Berlin).
  • We're planning the next Gathering in West Germany: a Friday afternoon Hängebrücke Geierlay and Treis/Mosel (Weingut Knaup), a Saturday morning Burg Eltz. Wanna join in?
  • The next PaR Monthly will be on a Saturday (15th Apr). Thats a good opportunity to give a PaR Introduction to those who are interested in private personal skill enhancement.
  • The page "PaRamount" now adopted "The Postcard" instead of the whiteboard diagram. I also use it now as oversized business card ;-)
  • "The Postcard" is available as Downloadable/Purchasable now. It shows the essential idea of PaR: treating the how in the same way as the what. It's my banner also, see "About me".
  • Finally I renamed "Downloads" to "Downloadable" (because it doesn't show downloads but provides the ability to download) and "How to buy" to "Purchasable" (thanks Bernhard).
  • My bookshelf holds some copies of The Book, The Booklet, and Das Heft for sale (more than 10 each), see the photo on the page "Purchasable".
  • The next PaR Monthly will be on We 15th Mar 4pm and I suggest to talk about the planned exclusive real-life hands-on PaR workshop in September at Fraunhofer Institute in Germany.
  • On the last day of Feb I updated the page About me with a photo of my new office background, some related text and a more comfy structure of the page - enjoy!
  • The Book and The Booklet are now available directly from the store of epubli, the printer. That's faster for you and makes a euro more profit for me. See page "Purchasable".
  • I have updated the page FAQ, with more questions that I heard in the past weeks. I also reformatted the page to give it some structure while it grows.
  • For merchandising of The Education I prepared a tri fold flyer that is shown as animated gif on the page now and provided as PDF draft. When its done, then it will be printed.
  • Now we started the new page The Education to prepare the first PaR workshop and maybe also the first trainings and to talk about consulting and coaching.
  • I'm totally excited because we are planning the first pure PaR workshop, together with Martin and Bernhard at Fraunhofer IESE, click banner on top right of this page for booking.
  • "PaR - The Book" is now (31.Dec.2022) published with ISBN-13 978-3-757503-89-5 and ISBN-10 3757503899, see page "Purchasable".
  • It is already available from me directly via self-publishing from epubli. Later in January it will be available from bookstores and Amazon (link already works)
  • For sure the work on the book will continue, since not everything is fully done and I also have lots of ideas and input left. But it is a complete and good first iteration ;-)
  • 49 EUR may sound expensive, but on the one hand it is not a Harry Potter, and on the other hand you may save 49.000 EUR applying it. Reading and doing it is the larger investment!
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